Teri is a professional bar bat mitzvah party event photographer based in New York City, NY.

Photo by Jayne Wexler

Teri Bloom is an award-winning professional photographer in NYC. Trained as a photojournalist and studio photographer, she's covered an exciting and diverse range of photography assignments in NY City and the New York tri-state area.

As a corporate, portrait, executive and headshot photographer, her photography has been used in annual reports, on corporate websites, and on dozens of magazine and CD covers. Her editorial work has appeared in the NY Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Time, Downbeat and the Boston Phoenix. Sprint and ASCAP have used her portrait and concert photography in award-winning national ad campaigns.

As a photojournalist with a big heart and a quick eye, she's also an established special event, party and corporate meeting photographer. She's won professional photography awards from the Art Directors Club of Boston, Art Direction Magazine, the NJ Press Photographers Assn. and the Professional Photographers of America. She's also professional photography mentor for PivotPlanet,, a global exchange for career and business start-up expertise.

NYC Event Photographer on Prepping Your Party Photography

NYC professional party and event photographer took these party photos for a New York City meeting.

Spending five minutes preparing for portrait or event photography shoots helps all go very smoothly.

Before every job, we make a list of the following details: contact names & phone numbers, equipment to take, and travel plans. We touch base with our contact person, or the people we'll be photographing -- to confirm the time, address and clothing. And finally, we leave early for assignments, as travel delays should be expected. In NYC. Please note that NY taxis go off duty between 3-5 pm and its very hard to get a taxi between 3-7 pm because of shift changes and rush hour -- so we often book a car service for these hours if there's too much gear to carry on the subway.

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Need Party Photography in NYC?

New York City meeting and conference photographer Bloom shot these special event photos in NYC.

When you're a party or special event photographer, know the VIPs, timeline and deadline in advance. This way, you'll know what your client needs and be able to deliver every shot they need.

Its fun to be a photographer at a special event or family party, however its also your professional responsibility to get all required photos. In advance, ask for a list of important family members, or corporate VIPs and honorees. Ask what special group pictures are required, so you can get that family reunion photo, or the corporate photos needed for publicity. Find out the event's timeline so you can be ready for speeches, award presentations, a birthday cake, or a surprise award. And finally, in this age of everything immediate -- ask your client if they need the photos delivered within 24 hours, or if you can deliver the finished photos within 3-5 business days.

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This NY City Special Event Photographer Had Fun!

NYC bar and bat mitzvah photographer Bloom has a bar bar mitzvah photographer studio in NY  City.

Having the right equipment and gadgets in your camera bag supports a smooth photo shoot.

As a working photographers in NY City, we've learned many lessons the hard way. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for your own photography shoots. First, always have more with you than you need -- memory cards, batteries, cash and most importantly back-up equipment. Sometimes shoots morph in a different direction and you'll shoot longer than anticipated, or extra shots might be added. If you don't have extra supplies on hand, you may not be able to finish the assignment. Second, we always carry duplicate equipment. While photo gear is very reliable, sometimes a camera is dropped or your flash gets knocked off the hot-shoe. So having a second camera body and flash, and even an extra medium zoom lens -- is recommended. And finally, if you're using studio lighting, always have a 3-2 plug adapter in your bag. Older buildings have 2-prong electrical outlets, and without these adapters you won't be able to plug your lighting in!

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Teri Bloom is a professional photographer based in NYC. Trained as a photojournalist, she is a portrait, corporate, event, party, bat mitzvah, bat mitzvah, conference, public relations & music shooter.

A NY City corporate journalist, and event photographer, her published work has appeared in the 'NY Times Magazine', 'Rolling Stone', 'Time', 'Downbeat' & the 'Boston Phoenix'.

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