Photographing music been a life-long passion for NYC music and concert photographer Teri Bloom. A fan of jazz, rock n'roll, new wave, folk and punk, she's shot dozens of musician portraits in NY City and Boston. Her archive of music and concert photography has been widely published and has graced over fifty music magazine and CD covers.

This historical stock photography collection of live music, musician portrait and concert photographs, primarily covering the years 1975-2000, is available for purchase and publication. Please click Music & Concert Stock Photography List to view our collection of jazz, rock n'roll, new wave and punk concerts and musicians.

Music Stock Photography Collection NYC & Boston

Concert photo at NYC special event  by music photographer

Stock photography of NYC music scene between 1977-1999, including jazz musicians, rock, folk, new wave and punk music scene, is available for publication and private collections

If you need vintage historical music photographs from the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s, this New York City music photographer may have the photos you're looking for. An avid music fan, Teri has been a professional music and concert photographer in Boston and NYC and shot many famous musician portraits and concert photos. She has stock photos of rock n'roll bands, folk singers, jazz vocalists and musicians, as well as great photographs of the punk and new wave scene in New York City and Boston. Please see our Music Stock list for musician and artist names.

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Music Photographer NYC Shoots CD Covers in NY City

NY City music and concert photographer Teri Bloom took this CD cover portrait of famous jazz musicians.

A successful portrait begins before you pick up your camera, the devil is in the details!

The most famous music photographers make great images because of the prep they do BEFORE the shoot... They get to know all about the musician they'll be photographing -- they'll listen to their music and read their bios. They'll look at existing photos and understand how the musician "shows up" when photographed. Once you've done you homework, it will be easier for you to conceptualize your photo session. When your guest arrives, spend a little time relaxing with them to set a nice tone for the shoot. Play some relaxing music, have some snacks on hand, make your guest of honor feel at home and have fun!

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NY City Concert Photographer Tips for Music Photos

Concert photography of a jazz musician singing in NYC, by music and concert photographer Teri Bloom of NY City.

Digital technology has made taking great concert photos easier than ever!

Here are some pro photographer tips for taking great concert photos:
First, set camera to Manual Exposure with a high ISO between 800-2500. Next set camera meter to "spot", note the correct exposure of the musician's face and set the correct exposure. Be sure to have shutter speeds between 1/60 and 1/500 to freeze the action. Please check photos and make adjustments as needed. If the lighting changes alot, then its best to set camera on Automatic, and enjoy the show!

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Teri Bloom is an award-winning professional music photographer in NY City. For over fifteen years, she's shot musician portraits and covered live concert photography in many of New York's most famous concert halls.

Her musician portraits, concert photos and music photography have been widely published in magazines and on CD covers, as well as for artist publicity. She has documented every genre -- jazz, rock, punk, new wave and no wave.

Stock photography of music, concert and artist photos is available for the years spanning 1975-2000. This collection covers stock photography of jazz music concerts and jazz artist portraits, rock and roll concerts and rock and roll artist portraits, and new wave music and no wave artists. Please view our list of music stock, concert stock and portrait stock photography here:

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