Teri Bloom is a versatile portrait and headshot photographer in NYC. Keeping shoots light and friendly, she makes her subjects feel at ease-- resulting in natural, relaxed, confident & professional looking photos. Whether the setting is a quiet CEO's office, or on the bustling streets of NY City, she completes assignments with grace and ease.

Clients have a choice of two lighting approaches. One option is to set up a studio on location with umbrella lighting, creating a softer quality of light. The other option is to use available light within your environment, resulting in more journalistic and natural looking images. Working quickly and efficiently, our goal is to make people look great & capture their essence, energy and personality in the most flattering of ways. Please see a selection of Teri's magazine and CD covers by clicking here.

Executive Portraits of Lawyers in NY City

This lawyer portrait was taken by NY City corporate headshot photographer Teri Bloom.

Sometimes, playing it a little loose and making the photo session more spontaneous will result in a portrait that brings out people's personalities. Keeping the headshot session a little shorter also helps!

Many clients are under the assumption that it can take 1-2 hours to get "the shot". However, in our experience, its actually quite the opposite -- the best photos seem to happen in the shortest amount of time before the session gets boring. Its important to respect everyone's busy schedule, and making people feel relaxed and comfortable while we're working.

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Get Better Business Headshots with Natural Backgrounds

This business portrait was taken by NY City  corporate photographer Teri Bloom, who specializes in business and executive portraiture in NYC.

Its so important be aware of how the background colors affect the overall look of the portrait. Using bright primary colors either in the clothing, or in the background, is flattering for everyone and livens things up.

The colors of someone's clothing and the tones and hues of the background, have a profound effect on creating a flattering photo. As professional portrait photographers in New York for many years, we've found that clothing color as well as the tones of the background -- must be consciously addressed to create the nicest looking executive portrait. Generally, we're not fans of white or pastel clothing because it tends to wash-out skin tones. Also consider shooting outdoors on a nice day when the sun casts a golden glow and the trees give a hint of color in the background. Paying attention to these important details makes the world of difference with successful portraiture!

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Portrait Photographer Tips for NYC Photography

Business executive's portrait in New York City, by corporate photographer based in NYC.

Choose a flattering background for your executive headshot, either outdoors in NY City or in your office.

When working on your Linked In photos, choose a relevant background for the photo, so it ties in with the person's profession. This shot was taken t in midtown New York, close to many of her client's offices. Sometimes a studio setting with a backdrop may be the background of choice because of its neutrality, but other times, using a smart location in the office is the way to go.

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Headshot & executive portrait photographer Teri Bloom Photography is based in NYC. Trained as a photojournalist, Teri she has covered an exciting and diverse range of professional photography assignments in the NY City area.

As a corporate professional photographer, her photography has been used in annual reports, on corporate websites, and on dozens of magazine and CD covers. Her editorial work has appeared nationally including an award-winning ad for Sprint.

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