This executive headshot, taken in a NYC office, was shot by NY City portrait photographer Teri Bloom.

Teri Bloom is a widely published portrait photographer based in New York City. She’s photographed dozens of the best and brightest personalities in the worlds of business, politics, music and the arts. Assignments in NYC have included portraiture for annual reports, brochure photography, website photographs, musician photos for CD covers and author portraits for book jackets.

Her approach to portrait photography is to create a relaxing environment with flattering lighting. She works quickly so everyone looks natural and feels comfortable.

There are two approaches portrait lighting – formal portraiture can taken in a studio setting with professional umbrella lighting for more controlled resultsâ€Â¦ or casual portraits can be taken in your office or outdoors. Either way works well, depending upon what’s appropriate for the assignment!

Please let us know if you’d like to receive a set of prints, digital files, digital contact sheets or if you’d like the portraits posted online. We customize the size of the digital files to accommodate your needs. We can deliver digital photos ready for web use (files are under 1 MB), and/ or high-resolution files (10-12 MB) for printing and press purposes.

A word about digital file size: Bigger isn’t better, its just different. Email and web programs require small file sizes (under 1 MB) for fast and easy transfer. Photos that will be printed require more detail and a larger file size, so we’d give you large 10-12 MB files for printing purposes. If you have a webmaster or art director to work with, its best to get the large files as they offer the most versatility and can be down-sized for email or the web.