Teri is an award-winning corporate portrait & headshot photographer in NY City. Originally a photojournalist at a daily newspaper, she's been commissioned to shoot business headshots and illustrate stories for dozens of magazines, websites, book and CD covers, with over fifty covers to her credit.

She's covered a wide range of corporate, news. event and portraiture assignments in the NYC area and is known for her easy-going and efficient style of shooting. She's photographed many of the best and brightest personalities in New York's world of music, the arts, politics and business.

Business Portrait of NYC Lawyers for Legal Website

This portrait of business executives was shot in nyc.

This studio portrait captured the female partners at a leading NYC law firm.

This photography session was held in a professional photo studio in New York's Greenwich Village, because the client wanted a solid white background for a large group picture. When there are more than two or three people in a group photo, a portable backdrop is too small and the shoot needs to be done in a larger area like a photography studio. In about 30 minutes, we did about three or four different arrangements, so the client had a range of shots to choose from for their brochure and public relations needs.

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NY City Professional Photographer at Public Relations Event

This website photo was taken by NYC corporate public relations journalist Teri Bloom.

A worldwide retailer hired us to shoot photos for a corporate brochure. Both headshot portrait photography, as well as editorial photos of the staff, were requested.

To accomplish the client's goals, we shot the headshot portraits against a clean white backdrop and got the photojournalistic photos finished before the New York City store opened. Shooting early in the morning allowed us to move around the store and use the best background locations, without getting in the way of customers.

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NYC School Photographer Shoots Website Photos

New York City editorial photojournalist Teri Bloom took this annual report photo in NYC.

A NY City private school asked us to spend a day at school and shoot documentary journalistic photos of the students and teachers

Spending a day as a pro shooter at a private NYC school was great fun! The assignment was to blend in and shoot some very natural looking, editorial style photos for the new website. We met a few lizards and snakes in the science lab, dodged some flying balls during kickball in the gym, and re-visited "Catcher in the Rye" in English class.

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Teri Bloom Photography is a portrait photographer based in the heart of NYC. Trained as a photojournalist and executive headshot photographer, she's covered an exciting and diverse range of business portrait photography assignments in New York.

Having photographed many of NY City's top executives, her corporate portrait and headshot photos are regularly used for portraiture in annual reports,corporate websites, for public relations, newsletters, magazines and CD covers. Her business and corporate executive portraits have been widely published in award-winning national ad campaigns.

She's won portrait photography awards from the Art Directors Club of Boston and Art Direction Magazine.

Teri Bloom, NY City Public Relations Photography
300 Mercer Street
New York City, NY 10003

T:  212 475-2274
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