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NYC Wedding Photographer | Engagement Party Bridal Shower Photography NY City

The best wedding, engagement party and bridal shower photographers in NYC capture magical fleeting moments in time, snapping the camera's shuttter at the perfect slice of time. Coined "the decisive moment", this is the sweet spot of photojournalism. NY City wedding photographer and photojournalist Teri Bloom has captured these timeless moments for over fifteen years.

Whether your special day is an elegant evening affair or just brunch in NYC, trusting this important day to an intuitive photographer like Teri helps ensure that your memories will be beautifully captured and enjoyed for many years to come. Recent weddings can be viewed by clicking here.

Wedding Photographer NYC Planning Tips

Wedding reception photography taken by NY City wedding photographer.

Its said that the devil is in the details and its so true for wedding photography!

The first thing to address is to create the day's schedule, and share this with all involved. Everyone should show up on time so the day goes off without a hitch, and scheduling is the place to start. Best to leave 15 minutes wiggle room between each phase of the day just to be safe. Plan when you want the getting ready photos to begin, advise your families and bridal parties what time to assemble for the portraits, and run all by your banquet manager and DJ. And in a busy city like NY, you must leave time for travel delays. Keeping the schedule on track will help the the day unfold smoothly and as perfectly as imagined!

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Get Great Wedding Photos in NY City, Here's How!

Wedding portrait photography taken by NY City wedding photographer Teri Bloom, who is an award-winning professional photographer in NYC..

Give your wedding photographer a list of who's most important to you, so these people will be in lots of photos.

When we hear wedding photography horror stories -- its always the same complaint -- that no one got a good shot of the parents, or there's no photo of the bride's best friend. At a time when everyone most dear to your heart gathers to celebrate, and its a perfect time to get great photos of everyone. For this reason, please make a list of your immediate family, important relatives, and best friends so no shot is forgotten!

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Wedding Destination Photographer in NYC

NYC wedding destination photographer took this wedding photography in Central Park, New York City.

The Big Apple seems like the top city for destination weddings, and for good reason!

It seems like everyone loves NY City, and for a wedding photographer there couldn't be a more picturesque place. Whether you're getting married at City Hall on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC is a marvelous backdrop for your wedding photos. We find that we can easily cover the ceremony and portraits in about 2 hours. Best locations for portraits are Central Park, Times Square, Grand Central Station and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Teri Bloom Photography is a professional wedding photo studio in NYC. As a photojournalist, Teri and her team of professional shooters specialize in a low-key candid style of photojournalistic coverage.

For couples traveling to NY City to get engaged or married, Teri is also a New York City wedding destination photographer for couples getting married at NY City Hall.

Teri Bloom, NY City Wedding Photography
300 Mercer Street
New York City, NY 10003

T:  212 475-2274